Settings up a new server to run a 2 server cluster

I found a great deal on reddit with an old dell 320 and an ssd. I’ve been wanting to add another node to try out clusters. I know proxmox prefers 3 nodes for quorum but I think it should be fine

I had some old ddr3 ram and tried using that since it only came with 8gm of ram. Not surprisingly, it didn’t post but ddr3 ram is cheap, even ecc stuff, so I’ll get a few more sticks off of ebay but for now, let’s fire this bad boy up

And DAM is it loud. I was thinking about getting some cheap micro PCs to make a full cluster and I’ll likely just sell this thing as I don’t have a good place to tuck it away so I won’t hear it. But for now let’s keep going and set it all up

Yea this thing will have to go it is so loud

but we’re all set now