Fixing Proxmox Clusters

Ok the old server I had was way too loud and there was no good fix for it

So I ordered an HP Elitedesk 705 G3 SFF to replace it and the server is gone

Unfortunately, I didn’t eliminate the cluster I had created before getting rid of it

So now I’m stuck with no quorum and having a heck of a time deleting the old cluster

I had to ssh into the server and reset the quorum count to 1 with “pvecm expected 1”

then manually delete the node from the etc/pve/nodes folder and then I had to navigate to the /etc/corosync and manually delete the node from corosync.conf

After that, I found out I could have just used “pvecm delnode ‘node'” to do it automatically

But the old node was still showing on the gui so I had to restart the server and finally it was gone

Then it was simply adding the new node to the cluster

and now we are good to start splitting the load in proxmox between 2 nodes